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Want to be seen as an expert?

Everyone knows that being a specialist can have its advantages. You can charge higher prices, be more selective in the clients and matters you take, and really hone your skills in a particular area of law. I covered this specialization concept during Episode 7, The Rich is in the Niche. But how do you actually [Keep reading...]

I have a confession to make

I'm a little embarrassed to even tell you this but I need to get it off my chest. SO... Back in the day when I was practicing in BigLaw, I used to get this Selena Meyer eye twitch.  There were always obvious warning signs that I was working too much but I was too busy to notice. It wasn't until the [Keep reading...]

The rules change when you make partner

Do you ever feel that the more you achieve and the higher you climb, the more tenuous your role is? That you have to keep proving yourself with every new level of success? Maybe you were a rock star in law school but then found yourself struggling as an associate. Or maybe you were a [Keep reading...]

Legal Sales Funnels

Do you wish you had more freedom to set your own hours and turn away clients that weren’t a good fit? Do you wish you had more authority in your firm? Where others didn’t question your hours, commitment, or desire to do things differently?   Do you wish you could earn more money and be seen [Keep reading...]

Changing Your Mind for Good

You’ve probably heard me talk about mindfulness on more than one occasion. When I was having a really difficult time in my personal life, I start searching for ways to find more peace. I tried out all kinds of new things including this crazy, weird practice called mindfulness. It’s gained a lot more popularity since [Keep reading...]

When to Change Jobs

Have you ever wondered when it’s time to change jobs?  Most attorneys who don’t enjoy their careers fall into one of two categories –   they stay stuck and miserable in a job for years (or forever) because they don’t think there are better options, or they jump around from job to job wondering why they’re [Keep reading...]

Dirty laundry (none of us are perfect)

Do you keep things close to your chest? Always trying to portray yourself as having it all together? Me too. To some extent, I think it's human nature to hide our flaws. But I also think that lawyers seem to have created a culture that discourages honesty when it comes to asking for help. We aren't supposed [Keep reading...]

Someone compared me to Darth Vader…

Have you ever been compared to someone and you didn't think it was very flattering? Or perhaps you've been told you're too loud or too quiet, too much or not enough? There's a fine line between constructive criticism and the need for everyone to look and act a certain way in order for others to [Keep reading...]

Lessons learned…

I recently got back from Wahine Weekend in Kona, Hawaii spending time with some other female entrepreneurs and an amazing business coach. It was amazing on so many different levels! The crystal-clear ocean, blue skies, black lava beaches, cool breeze, and relaxed vibes were picture-perfect. And the women I met were so fierce and funny [Keep reading...]

Do you work on vacation?

Do you work every time you go on vacation? I practiced law for 10 years before I took my first vacation when I didn't work at all. Huge mistake on my part but I didn't think it was possible. I had convinced myself (with the pressure of superiors, of course) that I had to be [Keep reading...]